Who I am

Software Engineer

I received my graduation in software engineering at University of Sannio, Benevento (Italy), in July 2007. I’m an accredited engineer by Italian professional association of engineers.

My main interests are in (but not limited to) software design and software requirements knowledge areas. They are the result of a long process started at the university, continued with software construction activities, and applied until today in the projects I work for. Since I got my degree, I was involved in several European and national research activities, participating to requirement elicitation, design, and development of web-based, cloud-based and (coming soon) mobile applications in ICT and e-Health domains. I’m currently having the role of Project Manager in European funded projects. My path toward the PMP® certification is on going.

But I’m not only a software engineer!

I’m R.S.P.P. licensed (Protection and Prevention Service Responsible). I’m an accredited civil-environment-industrial engineer. I like teaching, it is somehow rewarding! I was a tutor for university students on behalf of a widely acknowledged university education organization in Italy. I taught for European computer driving licence educational course. I’m committed to train and bridge promising recent graduated to working world. Last but not least, I have experience in apartment blocks administration.

What I Do

Main skills and expertises

  • Software design and development

  • European and national research project management

  • R.S.P.P. (Protection and Prevention Service Responsible)

  • Software systems appraisal

  • Software engineering disciplines training

  • Apartment blocks administration

My personal training

Postgraduate courses that I attended

  • Information System Analysis techniques and conceptual design of IT solutions
  • Agile methodologies for software development
  • Design patterns
  • Spring framework
  • Development of Android applications
  • Project management context
  • Project scope, time and cost management
  • Effective communication (soft skill)
  • English conversation
  • R.S.P.P. - Module B
  • R.S.P.P. - Module C
  • Modello organizzativo D.Lgs 231/2001 e protocolli di sicurezza
  • Emergenza e piano di evacuazione versione azienda
  • Rischio elettrico